Supernova at Momentum Festival Toledo

In a year filled with many exciting new developments, one of the most significant is a collaboration with the Arts Commission based in Toledo, Ohio, setting the stage to bring Supernova’s unique programming to a major public screen outside of Colorado for the first time at their annual Momentum festival. The partnership will introduce the singular international network of vanguard digital animators to a robust new audience through four distinct programs on Toledo’s massive public LED. The directive launches on the evening of September 19th with a 90-minute “Best of Supernova” reel, followed by a special program focusing on Great Lakes Region animators, curated by Toledo educator and Digerati commissioned artist Barry Whittaker. Supernova’s 2019 Competition program will then screen simultaneously to participants in both cities on Saturday September 21st, followed by a final selection of “Silent-Screen” animations. This exciting partnership with Momentum fully elevates Digerati’s focus on positioning digital motion-art as an exclusive art engagement, free for all to enjoy. Momentum delivers a varied selection of music and arts-based programming in a family friendly public setting along Toledo’s Maumee River waterfront, with a privately operated LED display serving as a key visual anchor.

Full program listing with featured artists is below

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Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 5:30pm

  1. Doorcuts by Zak Tatham

  2. Vladijenk II by Raquel Meyers  

  3. Hyper-Reality by Keiichi Matsuda

  4. String Ballet by Kendra Fleishmann

  5. SoftCrash by AlanWarburton

  6. Knight Shift by Anita Fontaine

  7. Guzz (temple encounter) by Aujik  

  8. The Grass Eater by Jeremy Couillard

  9. lASTdRUGsIDEtIGHT by Victor Morales

  10. Divisional Articulations by Max Hattler

  11. Ninjas Soccer by Densuke28

  12. Borderline by Seishi Irimajiri 

  13. Pattern of Life by John Butler

  14. Side Effects by Chris Cousins  

  15. Crude Picnic Drilling by Michael Mallis 

  16. Salvage by Dirk Koy

  17. Ackerman In Flux by Eli Ayres

  18. Don't Make Out by Ryan Wurst 

  19. No Man is an Island by Jack Wedge    

  20. Fest by Nikita Diakur 

Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 7pm

  1. IV.10 by Beeple

  2. Death Van by Michael Enzbrunner  

  3. 42nd and 5th by Kasumi

  4. Ivygraper by Mak Hepler-Gonzalez

  5. The Stuff Revolution by Simon Alexander-Adams

  6. Resolution by Snow Yunxue Fu

  7. Mesh by Gunner

  8. My trip to Japan / Viaje a Japón by Dante Zaballa

Curated by Barry Whittaker

04 Momentum C.jpg

Saturday, Sept. 21st 1:10pm - 5:30pm   

1:10 - 1:30PM 

Repentance by Seishi Irimajiri

Faces by Mark Klink

Things I Have Seen in My Dreams by Joao Pedro Oliveira

2:10 - 2:30PM

All Possible Futures by Peter Whittenberger

Repeat Hikari by Tizzy Canucci

Standard Operating Procedure by Eli Ayres

The Lonely Answer by John R. Morrison

3:10 - 3:30PM

1.9E377 by Gabriela Ilijeska

ORCA.KSS // stēlē 5 by Estro9

Karst by Snow Yunxue Fu


4:10 - 4:30PM

Prey by Jing Sun

A Sequence of Events by Michael Edwards

There Were Four of Us by Cassie Shao

5:10 - 5:30PM

Artgod Comix 1-3 by Atomic Elroy

Run by David Bennett

Featuring $1,500 cash prize award determined by guest juror Jeron Braxton

04 Momentum S.jpg

Saturday, Sept. 21st 6:30pm - 9:10pm

6:10 - 6:30PM

Kasumi Showcase

7:30 - 7:50PM 

Justin Lincoln Showcase

8:50 - 9:10PM

Excerpt from Conversation Starters by Jeremy Couillard

In a blink of an eye by Anabela Costa

Intersectional BioPolitics of Sizzurp by Eli Ayres

Patreon Promo by Caleb Wood

Excerpt from Inscape by Sabrina Ratté

Excerpt from Unsettled by Tara Knight

JAILBIRD by Anabela Costa

Liquid Time - Jelly

Excerpt from Conversation Starters by Jeremy Couillard