Starting at noon on Saturday, September 22nd, SUPERNOVA will feature approximately 10 continuous hours of digital animations on permanent LED screens prominently located in downtown Denver, and concurrently on two temporary LED screens brought into the Denver Performing Arts Complex Galleria, outdoor and indoor, as a focal attraction with seating and sound. Programs are structured according to themes, culled from works submitted to the festival as well as year-round research into the most compelling animations created from around the world. Special highlights include this year’s solo artist spotlight on Jack Wedge, a young animator based in NYC who was the recipient of the second prize award from SUPERNOVA 2017; the U.S. debut of London-based artist Lawrence Lek’s long-form CGI masterpiece “Geomancer;” and a compilation of abstract animations from students in Hong Kong, developed by 2018 festival Juror Max Hattler, an Assistant Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. The festival Competition will once again be a central feature, with 15 distinct and outstanding works presented for award consideration. A celebration with music, award announcements and free-flowing animations will conclude the day’s programming, taking place within the elegant Ellie Caulkins Opera House, situated in the DPAC Galleria adjacent to the festival’s temporary screen.

Noon  Reality Bytes!

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS


Chris Cousins - Side Effects 1:37

Supinfo Rubika - Pulse 6:40

Sang Hyoun Han 'DOMCAKE' (SVA) - Emunah 2:56

Ming-Chieh Chen - SuperMeowMeow Game of LOVE 4:00

Michael Mallis - Crude Picnic Drilling 3:40

Erica Moriconi - Downhill 6:22

Robin Tremblay - FEAW 7:06

Barzan Rostami - Balance 3:00

Shwenn Shunya Chang - Expiration Date 4:21

House Special - Armor del Amor 1:45

Constantinos Chaidalis - Banshee 2:35

Jackie Droujko - Bang Bang 1:20

Andrey Kasay - ZIBER — Jeep (02 episode) 0:42

Hazhir As'adi - Blows With The Wind 6:30

Derrick Forkel & Mitchell Jao (SVA) - Pharaoh 5:04

Ricardo Jabardo - Revuelta 3:21

Elliot Dodd - Limpid and Salubrious 3:41

Supinfo Rubika - Les Éléphants Seront Contents 6:57

Kim Laughton - Bear 1:51

Michael Enzbrunner - Death Van 6:06

Katie Torn - Breathe Deep 2:50

Nikita Diakur - Fest 2:55


1:30pm  Colorado Artist Spotlight

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

John R. Morrison  - Art Movements 8:26

Daniel Maw - AR-15s Around the Glock 1:00   

Zachary Antonio - Spring by Scatter Gather 4:14

Kendra Fleischman  - Where Did She Go-GO? 5:23

Ryan Wurst - Skin Crawler 6:32

Laura Hyunjhee Kim - SEICA Speculative Human Research Lab: Melted Maker 1:23

Laura Hyunjhee Kim - Auto Power Off  Featuring DAD 1:00 

Michael Sperandeo  - Upon Observation 3:04


2:00pm Trippin

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

Sasha Svirsky - Kerval 01 1:10

TeamRolfes - OTA LadyPecs blasterX 1:08

The Rodina - Playbour 2:58

MSHR - Wave Guide Edifice 6:32

Benjamin Rosenthal -  From this side of space to 9:54

the other side of the signal 9:54

Chhaya Naran - GIF Me something to hold on to 4:23

Alexander Dupuis - 13 Years Later 4:55

Ruslan Khasanov - Tamas 3:11

David Bennett - Social Ills 4:18

Atsushi Tadokoro - 100 fragments 6:04

Brenna Murphy - PathExtrude 4:44

Michael Edwards - A Narrative Film 7:56

Sasha Svirsky - Kerval 02 1:03


3:00pm Experimental Zone 1

14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS     

Yen Liang Chen - Am I Oright 4:07

Peter Whittenberger - Still Here and Everywhere 1:41

James Pricer - DNA Self Portrait #3 1:45

Glasz DeCuir - Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) 4:52

Snow Yunxue Fu - Side 6:00

Penumbra Carter - Atomic Bubble 0:59

Geoff Whitney - It's Not a Dream 8:13


3:00pm  Experimental Zone 2


Tizzy Canucci - Innominate

Tizzy Canucci - Innominate

James Pricer - Human Connectome II 3:03

Penumbra Carter - Deep Blue 1:21

Tizzy Canucci - Innominate 4:47

Parker Bacall - Conscious Practice 2:00   

Dini Dixon - The Long Goodbye 2:32

M. Parker Stuart - An Act of Pure and Unrelenting Beauty 6:17

Snow Yunxue Fu - Slant 2:10

Anabela Costa - Auquarium 6:14


3:30pm  Relentless Melt No. 8

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

Relentless Melt No. 8 - Hong Kong in Motion presents a selection of contemporary experimental moving image and independent animation made in Hong Kong, curated and introduced by German artist Max Hattler, Assistant Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and SUPERNOVA 2017 Grand Prize winner / 2018 Guest Juror.




4:30pm  CU DENVER College of Arts & Media


SUPERNOVA turns over the DPAC screen to our exclusive Education Partner CU Denver College of Arts & Media for a showcase of creative work from one of Colorado’s most celebrated schools for art, film and motion design.


4:30pm  MCA Denver Teens

14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

Nolan Downs - Deducked 2:30

Seoro Oh - Afternoon Class 3:50

Doug Alberts - Journey of the Stones 1:00

Sawako Kabuki -  WAAAH 1:15

Frances Haszard - Julien Dyne | Hours 3:52

Andrey Kasay - Vacation 2:10

Michelle Lam - Unstoppable 3:17

Mainframe (North) - For Approval 0:56

Atelier Superieur Animation - Ce Goût En Bouche 1:57

Erika Shing - Wish 2:36


5:00pm  Student Shorts


Supinfo Rubika - Stuffed 6:34

Cam Pazol - Cam on the Moon 5:01

Shahin Alirkan & Daniel Mamut  (SVA) - We Hopeful Few 3:36

Davide Benvenuti - Apple of My Eye 5:50

MOPA Supinfocom Arles - Gokurosama 6:53

Lucas Northwood (SVA) - Scrap 5:20

Jonny de la Uz - Night Light  7:52

Supinfo Rubika - The Stained Club 6:39

Max Debczak (SVA) - Cold Shoulder 3:00

Lee Yoon Su - Chakham 3:18

Isabel Waller (SVA) - Poached 3:11

Angela Arzumanyan (SVA) - Tempo 2:20

Supinfo Rubika - Sans Gravité 7:56

Whitney Walters - Stuck 6:05


5:00pm  Animation For All Ages

14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

MegaComputeur - The Return Of The Monster 1:24

Drew Lewis - Fanman's Basement 6:55

Jean-Marie Marbach - L'oiseau qui Danse 2:15

Danny Cotton - Tin Foil 7:15

Julian Glander - Songwich 2:14

Angela Stempel - Heart Chakra 7:23

Scott Cadzow - Puddles - G 3:26

Juan Paulín - An Idea 6:33

Jack Sachs - Fitness Zone 1:54

Phil Gomm - Red & The Kingdom Of Sound 18:13

MegaComputeur - Deuspi 1:29


6:00pm  Supernova Competition

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

Cassie Shao - Synched 2:23

Dirk Koy - Salvage 6:49

Tea Strazcicic - Bod : The Recurrence Of Infections 3:12

Faiyaz Jafri - Supersad 3:14

Ivan Nurchis - Egofriendly 5:07

John Butler - The Dependency Loop 18:30

Eli Ayres - Ackerman - In Flux 4:45

Steven Lapcevi - Signal 6:05

Alexander Dupuis - Three paths 5:04

Victor Morales - Esperpento 3:23

Ryan Wurst - Don't Make Out 4:06

Kendra Fleischman - Where Did She Go-GO? 5:23

Jeron Braxton - Octane 6:03

Aaron Björk - Best Guess for this image: Chevy Bow Tie Exhaust Tips 5:26

Sean Capone - The Sky Report 11:15


7:30pm  Lawrence Lek - Geomancer


Geomancer is a CGI film by UK based artist Lawrence Lek about the creative awakening of artificial intelligence. On the eve of Singapore's 2065 Centennial, an adolescent satellite AI escapes its imminent demise by coming down to Earth, hoping to fulfil its dream of becoming the first AI artist. Faced with a world that limits its freedom, Geomancer must come to terms with its militarised origins, a search that begins with a mysterious syndicate known as the Sinofuturists...Featuring HD video game graphics, a neural network-generated dream sequence, and a synthesised vocal soundtrack, Geomancer is provocative stimulation for both the eye and the mind.


7:30pm  Jack Wedge Solo Spotlight

14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS


Jack Wedge studies art and animation in New York City. He makes all kinds of crazy, cool work that really defies the traditional norms of animation. His 2017 short "Tennessee" won Supernova's 2nd place prize last year, which led to the realization that maybe, just maybe there's more of his work that begs to be seen. Boy is there, this program offers a very rare and thorough examination of youthful development, following in a tradition of Solo Spotlights at SUPERNOVA that are perhaps the most sublime programs in the festival.


A Strange and New Thing   1:25      

Little Man in my Head     4:51      

Egg     6:07        

Balaclava Boy     2:54        

Dogs of Life   12:59    

Submariner 4 Lyfe   1:35     

The Dig -Simple Love     3:47        

Poison 4 Chuma   1:55        

Domo The Destroyer-Snakes In My Belly    2:35        

Domo The Destroyer-  Episode 2   3:49        

No Man is an Island    4:32   

Trump is a Worm Boy     0:22        

Trump Goes Off Cliff    0:14       

Trump's Plan For Climate Action    0:24       

Still Stronger Together   0:25


8:15pm  Go Digital !

DPAC + 14th & Champa + Ellie Caulkins LED SCREENS

Aujik - Impermanence Trajectory III: THALAMUS

Aujik - Impermanence Trajectory III: THALAMUS

Kim Laughton - Running in Dedicated Memory 3:08

Aujik - Impermanence Trajectory III: THALAMUS 7:02

Alexander Dupuis - First Contact 4:08

Steph Hope - Vels Trio : 40 Point (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) 3:32

Angela Stempel - Wayside 3:00

Mason London - Dream Wife : Hey Heartbreaker 4:01

Victor Morales - Pigs InThe River 6:39

And many more works to enjoy throughout the evening, in conjunction with Supernova’s After-Party and Awards Ceremony inside Ellie Caulkins Opera House, featuring Deep Club. 


ALL DAY LONG  Select Animations

Presented on Downtown Denver Auxiliary LED SCREENS


Special Screens - Snow Image.jpg


Snow Yunxue Fu - Side       14th & Arapahoe

Camila G - A Crater That's No More       14th & Arapahoe

Jack Wedge - Submariner 4 Lyfe       14th & Arapahoe           


M. Parker Stuart - An Act of Pure and Unrelenting Beauty       16th & Champa

Alexander Dupuis  - First Contact       16th & Champa

David David Bennett - Emulsive and Multicolored with Billowiness        16th & Champa

Laleh Mehran - Tenuous Hierarchy [MCCCXCII]       16th & Champa

Sandrine Deumier - Pink Party       16th & Champa


Snow Yunxue Fu - Slant       15th & Champa

Robert Seidel - sfumato        15th & Champa, 16th & Champa Screen, 14th & Arapahoe


   Supernova 2018 Juror Robert Seidel’s “sfumato” is a unique approach of pushing the limits of abstract painting in the digital age. In a time of complete virtualization of society, painting finally can transcend into the same state of flux beyond the constraints of any physical material. The title refers to one of the four canonical painting modes of Renaissance art, a technique that emphasizes soft transition between colors and tones. By taking this concept of blurring clear lines and borders to the vast array of LED billboards, the city of Denver becomes a multi-perspectival canvas, scattering the spectral “all-over” composition into a myriad of subtle gradations and wrenching it from the grinding flow of an urban reality.