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Supernova Mix Selections Noon

Everything Abstract / Experimental 2:30 pm

Live Digi-Sonic Performance w/Jeron Braxton & Ryan Wurst 3:30 pm

Student Animation Showcase, with $500 cash award 4:30 pm

Animation for All Ages 5:15 pm

2019 Supernova Competition, with $1,500 cash award 6:00 pm

Jeron Braxton Solo Spotlight 7:45 pm

Director’s Choice - Art of Today, with $1,000 cash award 8:15 pm

All programs take place on the DPAC Feature screen at 14th and Curtis, and the public screen at 14th and Champa. Visit the About page for map.

Visit the Programming page for featured artists.

Visit the Calendar page for the full scope of Supernova Events and Exclusive Community Hosts

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Supernova Digital Animation Festival Launch Party

When: Friday September 20th 7:00 - 9:00pm

Where: Next Stage Gallery at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Get down with the Supernova Vibe the night before our feature screenings. Mingle with guest artists, immerse yourself in the wonders of the DigiLounge, grab a t-shirt and program guide and get ready to Fest. FREE!

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Jeron Braxton - Guest Juror and Solo Artist Spotlight

Faiyaz Jafri - Guest Juror and Overdrive Curator

Ryan Wurst - Understudy Exhibiting Artist

Julia Morton - Director of Generative Art Project

Peter Whittenberger, Competition

Cassie Shao, Competition

Atomic Elroy, Competition

Michael Edwards, Competition

Tizzy Canucci, Competition

Gabriela Ilijeska, Competition

David Bennett, Competition & Everything Ab-Ex

Brian Ng, Director’s Choice

Sara Shoshana Roth, Director’s Choice

Danou "Jenny" He, Director’s Choice

Christina Hibner, Student Shorts

+ Colorado Based Artists John R. Morrison (Competition & Satellite Screen), Michael Sperandeo (Director’s Choice), Tara Knight (Director’s Choice), Cyane Tornatzky (Director’s Choice), Lares Feliciano (Everything Ab-Ex), Kendra Fleischman (Everything Ab-Ex), Kristin Stransky Mallinger (Everything Ab-Ex), Matthew Langford & Jeremy Grant (Everything Ab-Ex), Camila Galofre (Satellite Screen), Daniel Maw (Satellite Screen), Jullian Young (Satellite Screen) & Ben Windsor (Animation for all Ages).

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