SUPERNOVA’s schedule for 2019 events will be posted as soon as dates and collaborations are firmed up.

Below is a comprehensive view of the 2018 Festival schedule of events.

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Monday September 3rd 8:00pm

RiNo Arts District - Alley behind Central Market

Bring Your Own Beamer
Featuring SUPERNOVA preview and local artist animations

Ten, maybe eleven artists, all bringing their own projectors to an alley in RiNo to cast their works on the walls before they get "crushed" with graffiti and street-style art throughout the week. Find out more about the popular Crush Walls festival and join in a celebration that as unique as SUPERNOVA. 

Ben Efram, Ryan Wurst, Kendra Fleischman, John Morrison, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Travis Powell, Michael Sperandeo, Sarah Richter, Drew Austin, Lares Feliciano & maybe even  Zachary Barnes-Fagg


Thursday September 6th 8:00pm

Zeppelin Station 3501 Wazee Street, Denver

Super Hush Hush DJ Set
With visual sampling by SUPERNOVA Director Ivar Zeile

Our lips are sealed on this one, but there is every indication that this will be a majorly cool event, hosted at one of Denver's most cutting-edge new developments located in the RiNo District.



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Tuesday September 18th 6:00pm

1600 Pierce Street, Denver

Jonathan Monaghan
-  Synthetic Mythologies  -

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design presents Synthetic Mythologies by Washington D.C.- based artist Jonathan Monaghan in the Philip J. Steele Gallery. Through prints and computer animated video, Monaghan weaves a unique contemporary mythology, exposing collective fears and anxieties about technology and the future. Drawing on a range of references such as science fiction, luxury real-estate advertising and baroque architecture, the works in Synthetic Mythologies allude to a disconcerting reality behind the seductive surfaces of technology and consumerism. However Monaghan offers little hope for an escape as his symbol-laden fiction eludes discernible meaning, leaving the viewer to cope only with impenetrable glistening veneers.

OPENING RECEPTION: September 18, 6 – 9 p.m.
LECTURE: September 18, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

GALLERY HOURS: M – F, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Free + open to the public

Image: Disco Beast, 2016
video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector, 18 min loop. 
Courtesy of
bitforms gallery, New York

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Wednesday September 19th 6:00pm

890 C 14th Street, Denver

Robert Seidel - Tarnish
Germany / USA 2018
Video installation

The video installation “tarnish” is a dialog between the artwork and its physical as well as artificial representation. It uses experimental film sequences which are distorted and reflected in the physical realm through a folded mirror surface, opening them into a novel spectral materiality. Other video sequences have been passed through an artificial neural network and will be projected opposite to the mirror sculpture, so the physical reflections and their computed derivative meet in real space, revealing the inherent self-similarities as well as fractal-like ruptures. 

Seidel’s work deals with the relationship between visual systems in the language of video, painting, sculpture and those of science ranging from physics over mathematics to biology. In his experimental practice he explores the deep-seated connections between abstraction and the physical foundation of the universe. “tarnish” follows the concept of “moving paintings” that Seidel has developed for more than a decade, beginning with his award-winning film “_grau”.

“tarnish” will premiere at Understudy on September 19, 2018 in association with Denver Digerati, Denver Theatre District and SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival.


Robert Seidel (*1977) began his studies in biology before transferring to the Bauhaus University Weimar to complete his degree in media design. His projections, installations and experimental films have been shown in numerous international festivals, as well as at galleries and museums such as the Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille, ZKM Karlsruhe, Art Center Nabi Seoul, Young Projects Los Angeles, Museum of Image and Sound São Paulo and MOCA Taipei. His works have been honored with various prizes, including the KunstFilmBiennale Honorary Award and the Visual Music Award Frankfurt. 

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Thursday September 20th 7:00pm

2510 East Colfax Ave., Denver

Housing Complexes
Eight experimental short films
Curated by Robert Seidel

Supported by German Films / AG Kurzfilm

Over the past three decades the digital revolution has occurred on a global scale, increasing its influence over all facets of our society.  Rapid changes in communication, the structure of labour through the “sharing economy”, availability of information and personal as well as artistic expression – all resulting in a comprehensive restructuring of our lives. 

The constant pressure of acceleration and optimization dramatically alters the way we live, replacing a seemingly foreseeable future with continuous change and short-term planning. The layers of the digital also restructure personality, replacing individuals with avatars and condensing groups of people into big data statistics. What was once limited to a physical presence is now boundless, originating from either the quietness of our homes or a faceless think tank, exploding into online-phenomena which slowly creep into our real lives.

The works presented in “Housing Complexes” examine the influence of the digital, exploring parallels between historical and geographical tectonic shifts, their abuse of power, separation of communities and the construction of alternative histories. The dense thematic rhizome of the eight experimental short films ranges from forced labour in Eastern Germany (Broken), speculative digital poems (I Want To Be Like You), the surveillance of the arms industry (Embargo), digitized memories of a passed-away father (Homeland Part I), post-colonial relationships (Occidente), architecture on the break of war (Steglitz House), the protuberance of social media (Universal Objects: BFFs1&2) and the tendency of human perception to discover meaning in random structures (Pareidolia).

Ana Vaz – Occidente – Brazil 2014 – 15:15min
Johann Lurf – Embargo – Austria 2014 – 10:00min
Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl – Broken – Germany 2016 – 7:02min
Patricia Detmering – Homeland Part I (Cat-State) – Germany 2017 – 5:04min
Bridget Baker – Steglitz House – South Africa/Germany 2009-2010 – 9:00min
Tanja Vujinović – Universal Objects: BFFs1&2 – Slovenia 2017 – 2:50min
Dagmar Schuerrer – I Want To Be Like You – Germany/Austria 2016 – 05:45min
Saskia Olde Wolbers – Pareidolia – UK 2011 – 12:25min 

Introduced by Berlin based artist Robert Seidel, special guest juror for the 2018 SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival.


Followed by

Washington D.C. based contemporary artist Jonathan Monaghan returns to Denver for his solo exhibition “Synthetic Mythologies,” presented by the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design at their Philip J. Steele Gallery, opening September 19th, 2018.  Monaghan will share four of his computer animated videos dating between 2011 and 2015 at the Sie Film Center, with discussion by the artist to follow.

Jonathan Monaghan works across print, sculpture, and video installation. His work challenges the boundaries between the real, the imagined, and virtual. Drawing on a wide range of sources, from science fiction to Baroque architecture, he creates bizarre, yet compelling narratives and imagery with the same high-end technology used in Hollywood or by video game designers. His work has been exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD, bitforms gallery in New York, Spazio Ridotto in Venice, Italy, Market Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland and others. Monaghan’s numerous group exhibitions include most recently at the Palaise de Tokyo in Paris, France,  New Frontiers at the Sundance Film Festival, The Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Postmasters Gallery, among others. Monaghan has been commissioned twice by Denver Digerati for display on the 14th and Champa LED screen and in 2016 served as one of three jurors for the inaugural edition of SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival.

September 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Sie Film Center - 2510 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206

Presented by Denver Film Society

In conjunction with Denver Digerati / SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival
and Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

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EDUCATION BYTES @ Auraria Campus Library

September 21st 9:30am - 4:00pm

1100 Lawrence Street, Denver

Supernova Annual Education Forum
Featuring guests Robert Seidel, Katie Torn, Max Hattler, Jack Wedge and Jonathan Monaghan

SUPERNOVA'S Education Forum takes place Friday, September 21st at the DISCOVERY WALL @ the Creative Technology Commons inside the Auraria Library, centrally located in downtown Denver. The forum is a not-to-be-missed event, a very rare opportunity for students, artists and the public alike to learn more about the exciting field of digital animation and new-media art.  Education Bytes will feature presentations by the festival’s world-renowned, dream team of jurors Robert Seidel (Germany), Katie Torn (NYC), and Max Hattler (Hong Kong), as well as the festival’s solo spotlight artist Jack Wedge. Hattler and Wedge visit Denver following their respective 1st and 2nd prize wins from last year’s festival competition, adding an additional thrill for those who have closely followed the festival.  Another surprise guest appearance is in store with the inclusion of Jonathan Monaghan (Washington D.C.), a previous festival juror from 2016 who will be in Denver for the opening week of his solo exhibition “Synthetic Mythologies” at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design’s Phillip J. Steele Gallery. The forum is led by SUPERNOVA director Ivar Zeile in the ideal setting of the Auraria Campus, centrally located in downtown Denver and featuring a 13 foot wide video wall for visual presentations. The Education Forum is free for anyone to attend. An RSVP is however requested for our planning and accommodations, please respond to to confirm participation.

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Opening Reception and SUPERNOVA launch party Friday September 21st 6-9pm

Exhibition on view September 19 - October 26th

2350 Arapahoe Steet, Denver

Reality Bytes
Curated by Ivar Zeile

Supernova's annual festival launch party will coincide with the opening reception of a very special exhibition over two years in planning. Denver Digerati and RedLine Contemporary Art Center team up for a singular experience that elevates digital animation as contemporary art in one of Denver's most prestigious settings. 

Much of what we see, hear about, or experience in the world today often seems unimaginable, our notions of “reality” skewing ever further from a collective conscience. The steady flow of video games, virtual reality, consumer apps, computer programs and social media outlets derived from the “digital age” promote an existence that is becoming more “dreamlike” every day, filled with visual references that beg for attention and often invoke complete wonderment. In reference to the current state of affairs, Reality Bytes aims to capture the zeitgeist brewing through the use of digital tools in the hands of contemporary artists, presented by Denver Digerati based on their expansive laboratory operating within Denver’s public landscape over the last seven years. The exhibition coincides with the group’s focal project, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, which takes place in downtown Denver for its third year on September 22nd. Supernova celebrates digital animation as a wide, immersive realm unfettered by boundaries,  generating compelling experimentation and storytelling in ways quite different from more traditional art forms. It is also the hallmark of a new generation of artists, fully immersed with digital tools and culture, that are currently changing how we experience and understand art. Reality Bytes delivers a fascinating snapshot into this rapidly advancing world, through some of the most imaginative  artists in the field. 

Reality Bytes presents several distinct zones for engagement, beginning with a retrospective of animations commissioned by Denver Digerati between 2012 and 2015 for display on LED screens permanently situated in downtown Denver. The central theme is supported by several animations culled from the growing library of celebrated works featured at Supernova since 2016, presented in a manner similar to the group’s public screenings. “Live Stream” digital projections offer three wildly different and compelling takes on the integration of digital visualization with traditional filmmaking, including recent constructions by UK artist Elliot Dodd, New York City based artist (and Supernova 2018 guest Juror) Katie Torn, as well as Denver artist and RedLine resident Mario Zoots, whose 2015 Digerati commission simply begs for further scrutiny. French artist Sandrine Deumier and Denver’s Chris Coleman present more expansive views of their most recent bodies of work, Deumier’s in the form of 41 brief, hypnotic digital passages presented on dual monitors, while an array of Coleman’s breathtaking digital prints created through “blender” software line the gallery walls. Renowned Japanese pop-artist Chiho Aoshima’s “City Glow” and "Taakamanohara" are presented as a final flourish, masterworks of digital animation showing the cycle of life in our modern world, on loan for a private Denver collection. In additional, local artists will be invited to “bring their own beamer” and present work in a daily rotation, in the spirit of RedLine’s continued support of this global concept. 

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September 21st - 30th

1485 Delgany Street, Denver

Vacation and other Remedies
Recent animations by Andrey Kasay

MCA Denver Teens, in association with Supernova Digital Animation Festival, present “Vacation and other Remedies,” a selection of recent animations by Russian artist Andrey Kasay.  Vibrant, surreal and on occasionally boisterous, Kasay’s compositions present an opportunity for both contemplation and laughter. Discovered during the 2018 Teens Summer Workshop with Denver Digerati, which introduced Denver youths to curatorial theory related to digital animation as a contemporary practice, Kasay’s work transcends any notion of cultural divides in brilliant, playful fashion.  

Kasay’s program, on view September 21st through 30th in the upper level of the Idea-Box on the third floor of the MCA Denver,  consists of the artist’s most recent series of very short animations “Vacation,” originally presented at Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna, Austria, followed by the episodes 8 & 9 from the hilarious, true-story series “Ziber;” a 2016 video for Paramount Comedy channel, Russia; and two early music videos made in collaboration with Vladivostok based band  “Mumiy Troll.” The mix fully validates the artists mantra  “If you come to me for my style – you’re welcome. If not – sorry I cannot help you.”

An emerging artist, Kasay’s engaging wit and pop-laden style have already been embraced worldwide, having found a home within brands such as MTV, Nike, Red Bull, CNN, Washington Post, The New Yorker and Adidas.  To date, his work has been featured in VICE, WIRED, Juxtapoz and It's Nice That.

Supernova Digital Animation Festival will also present Kasay’s “Vacation” to the public in downtown Denver at 4:30pm on Saturday, September 22nd, along with nine other animations selected by the participants of the Summer Teens workshop.  More details regarding Supernova’s full lineup of animations can be accessed on our program page.

MCA Denver Teens 2018
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Museum of outdoor arts cricket cinema 

September 22rd Noon - 8:00pm

1245 Champa Street, Denver

Supernova Digital Animation Festival hosts the second leg of the Cricket Cinema Tour, a Museum of Outdoor Arts project formulated in 2018. MOA commissioned the “Cricket Cinema” from Yetiweurks in Denver, CO. The cinema is a traveling, “pop-up” cinema that will tour to a variety of cultural events in the Denver Metro area as well as nation wide. Content will be updated annually and will feature films and animations by a variety of artists. Patrons are invited to hop on the cinema and watch a rotation of films/animations and hop off when they are done.

Cricket Cinema will be popping up at Supernova on Saturday September 22nd, in the new 1245 Champa Street Plaza, located just a block from the 14th and Champa feature LED screen. The cinema will feature a rotation of 8 films and animations by local emerging artists. 2018 content was juried by Ivar Zeile, the founder of Denver Digerati and the Supernova Festival of Digital Animation. Featured artists for the debut year are:

Jhene Chase - "Metropolitan Legend"

Lares Feliciano - "Helicopter" and "Anniversary"

Kendra Fleischman - "Walk With Me" and "Phenom 2.0"

David Fodel - "Pattern Language II"

Jason Hatfield - "Colorado- Living Landscape"

Ryan Wurst - "Steve the Sloth in Couch Ramble"

Cricket Cinema Graphic.jpg
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September 23rd @ 5:00pm

Roser ATLAS Center, 1125 18th St. 320 UCB, Boulder

Hattlerizer 4.D  +  fulcrum
Featuring Max Hattler + Robert Seidel & Ryan Wurst  

Denver Digerati continues their collaboration with Boulder’s prestigious Sonic Arts @ CU program with an exclusive event featuring two internationally celebrated artists, both with an exquisite focus on abstract animation and audiovisual performance. Hong Kong based artist Max Hattler and Berlin based artist Robert Seidel are serving as guest jurors for the 2018 SUPERNOVA Digital Animation festival, visiting Colorado for a weekend of activities centered primarily in Denver. The pair will team up for a festival concluding performance at the ATLAS Institute’s Center for Media Art and Performance in the facilities Black Box Experimental Studio, bringing a taste of SUPERNOVA to the Boulder scene. The Studio offers a wide range of state-of-the-art media capabilities perfectly suited for dynamic explorations that are an evolving component within today’s performance environment.

The second in the dd@bb series will take place on Sunday September 23rd at 5:00pm and will feature “Hattlerizer 4.D,” the latest version of Max Hattler’s live performance practice, which for the first time incorporates stereoscopic vision and optical sound. Using custom-built software, Hattler expresses an abstract audio-visual terrain in which hard-edged geometries and supple organic forms proliferate, interact, and wane. Aesthetics of metric shapes and colours coalesce with optical feedback recursions to engross the audience with virtual realms that range from the soft, nebulous, and celestial, to the frenetic, psychedelic, and dissonant. Paying homage to influences ranging from improvisational jazz to avant-garde animation and VJ culture, Hattler plays his audio-visual instrument in an ad lib manner, resulting in a radiant spectacle that is at once arresting, rapturous, and starkly original.

Robert Seidel will present the audio-visual live performance “fulcrum,” a multifaceted collage of references collected by the artist over the years, each iteration trying to find answers: How does it feel to enter an ever-expanding system whose complexity exceeds the personal imagination? How to capture the fluctuating state of non-processed perception and continuously overwritten memories? From the convolute of intertwining geographical impressions and musical clusters an ever-changing fractured perspective is reconstructed, making “fulcrum” an unpredictable exploration of different timelines connecting… Join us for one of the most rare collaborations in Denver Digerati’s history, and an event that will provide the ultimate conclusion to the third annual SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival.

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Through September 23rd

1007 York Street, Denver

Pixelated - Sculpture by Mike Whiting

Those visiting Denver for SUPERNOVA do not want to miss one the summer's blockbuster exhibition "Pixelated - Scultpure by Mike Whiting" in the most gorgeous venue in the region, if not the country. Though dealing with physical, two-dimensional forms, Mike Whiting's artwork has a direct connection to all that is digital, specifically referencing the advent of the computer age that really began for the public with the introduction of 8-bit graphics and early video-game consoles. 

PIXELATED explores the relationships between the natural world and the artificial world of digital media. Mike Whiting says “Gardens are in their own way virtual spaces—carefully created environments. The contrast of the sculptures’ geometric and manmade materials can seem at odds with the gardens, but they are connected in the dialogue about the re-presentation of nature.” Whiting’s sculptures also represent the intersection of two distinct visual styles: 8-bit pixel graphics—which have enjoyed a recent resurgence in games like "Minecraft"—and minimalist sculpture. Technological limitations in early video games like "Pac-Man" and "Space Invaders" reduced the graphics to simplified shapes, while the minimalist art movement created artworks that purposely lacked detail. Pixelated investigates the opposite intents of these two artistic approaches that result in a strikingly similar visual outcome. Lenders to the exhibition include Mike Whiting, City and County of Denver and Brigham Young University Museum of Art. This exhibition is supported in part by the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) and is developed in coordination with Plus Gallery, Denver.

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