SUPERNOVA returns for the fourth consecutive year to the Denver Theatre District in 2019, with exciting updates for festival programming and progressive community collaborations. The Festival boasts an expansive lineup of outdoor screens, with primary programs and the competition showcase presented simultaneously on a prominent wide-screen LED at the corner of 14th and Champa, a second public screen located on the 16th and Champa Pedestrian Mall at 16th and Champa, our temporary LED screen installed within the Denver Performing Arts Complex grand open-air Galleria, complete with seating and an outdoor bar, and for the first time ever on the massive ProMedica Screen located in Toledo, Ohio, in conjunction with their Annual Momentum Festival taking place the same weekend.

Additional animations are presented on a series of 4 well-placed Satellite screens throughout the day. And new for 2019, SUPERNOVA plans to “Go Viral” with the support of select screen hosts in the Denver community displaying SUPERNOVA content to further widen the public’s interaction with Digital Motion-Art.

SUPERNOVA offers substantial prize money to attract the best talent from around the world, with a proven track record that defines the vanguard of artists working in digital motion-art today. In 2019 SUPERNOVA will be more exciting than ever, dedicating over twice the previous levels of award money for artists selected to compete in the competition program, and initiating a new audience award supported by an even deeper network of venues and screen hosts across the community.

01 Program 1.jpg
  1. Mattis Dovier - XXX / Liquor

  2. Tea Stražičić - Arcadian Fever

  3. Sasha Svirsky - Lavo

  4. John Robson - Quality Time

  5. Steven Lapcevic - Happy Bullet

  6. Brent Watanabe - Possessions

  7. Wong Ping - Who's the Daddy

  8. SaveMe Oh - All of me

  9. Faiyaz Jafri - Jack

  10. Sean Capone - Origine of the Speccies

  11. Chaerin Im - Flora

  12. Mike Pelletier - Performance Capture: Pt. 2

  13. Martina Scarpelli - Egg

  14. El Popo Sangre - Underground Frustration

  15. Carla Gannis - Until the End of the World

  16. COLL.EO - Reasonable Too

This program is free with the purchase of a $5 Alamo food voucher

02 Program 2.jpg

 Program selections posted soon!

03 Program.jpg
  1. James Pricer - Ligo

  2. Lares Feliciano - Crystal Bloom

  3. Kendra Fleischman - I Dreamt of Wormholes and Remnants of Beauty

  4. David Bennett - Prelude To A Moment III

  5. Kristin Stransky Mallinger - Bleeding Heart

  6. Justin Lincoln - Arpeggio Blooms One

  7. Justin Lincoln - morecrossfadedImageDumps

  8. Atomic Elroy - Abstraction No. 3 (The Vampire in the Museum)

  9. Matthew Langford & Jeremy Grant - Remnants

  10. James Pricer - V1

04 Program.jpg
05 Program.jpg
  1.  Allen Hu - Takeout (Parsons School of Design)

  2. Lin Qiyao - You (Parsons School of Design)

  3. Kamal Adisa - Paradise Island (Parsons School of Design)

  4. Prithi Khalique - Kolonkar (Parsons School of Design)

  5. Diana Victoreen - Windows (Parsons School of Design)

  6. Christina Hibner - Unified Theory (SVA)

  7. Claire Grim - Recoiled (Missouri State)

  8. Frank Gresham - Uranus Whispers (SVA)

  9. Christina Christie - Tiffany (UC Florida)

  10. Lee Gallagher - Everything must go! (SCAD)

  11. Alivia Horsley - Catnap (Loyola Marymount University)

  12. Wing Ho - Catgot (City University Hong Kong)

$500 best in show prize sponsored by CU Denver College of Arts & Media

06 Program.jpg
  1. Ben Windsor - The Long & Short

  2. Luca Paulli - Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms

  3. Andrea Nakhla - The Trick

  4. Raymond Limantara - Balance

  5. Megan Jedrysiak & Jackson Ammenheuser - Cache Cache

07 Program.jpg
  1. Michael Edwards - A Sequence of Events

  2. Seishi Irimajiri - Repentance

  3. João Pedro Oliveira - Things I Have Seen in My Dreams

  4. Eli Ayres - Standard Operating Procedure

  5. John R. Morrison - The Lonely Answer

  6. Mark Klink - Faces

  7. Jing Sun - Prey

  8. Peter Whittenberger - All Possible Futures

  9. Snow Yunxue Fu - Karst

  10. Atomic Elroy - ARTGOD COMIX 1-3

  11. Esstro9 - ORCA.KSS // stēlē 5

  12. Gabriela Ilijeska - 1.9E377

  13. Tizzy Canucci - Repeat Hikari

  14. Cassie Shao - There Were Four of Us

  15. David Bennett - Run

$1,500 best in show prize, determined by Jeron Braxton

08 Program.jpg

Supernova Digital Animation Festival welcomes Jeron Braxton to Denver as a guest juror and focus of our 2019 Solo Artist Spotlight. Braxton took the world by storm in 2017 with his outstanding short "Glucose," which screened at Supernova before landing the artist a top prize at the Sundance Film Festival. His follow up "Octane" was honored last year with Supernova's Grand Prize Award in the annual Competition program. Come see what makes Braxton one of the most exciting artists in the world right now with a solid half-hour view into his growing, ecstatic, thought provoking body of work at 7:45pm on Saturday September 21st, following this year's competition.

09 Program.jpg
  1. Caleb Wood - Patreon Promo

  2. Gustaf Holtenäs - A World Within (video game trailer)

  3. Max Hattler - Serial Parallels

  4. Dante Zaballa - My trip to Japan / Viaje a Japón

  5. Jing Wang & Harvey Goldman - Uriel

  6. Sara Roth - Whirligig

  7. Sabrina Ratte - Inscape

  8. Michael Sperandeo - Telephone Tag

  9. Heather Crank - Satellite

  10. Parallel Teeth - Ways of Seeing | BALTIC Centre

  11. Gero Gries - About Food

  12. Patrick Henry - Hannu - The Emigrant

  13. Jeremy Couillard - Conversation Starters

  14. Simon Ward / Jess Johnson - WEBWURLD

  15. Rebecca Bloecher - Lickalike

  16. Mak Hepler-Gonzalez - Ivygraper

  17. Brian Ng - 24

  18. Louis Crevier - Phantasmata

  19. Tara Knight - Unsettled

  20. Cyane Tornatzky - Where I Am When I'm Not With You

  21. Danou "Jenny" He - Matryoshka

  22. Jack Wedge - Goodbye Mommy

$1,000 best in show prize determined by special guest jurors Daisy McGowan, Olivia Snyder and Faiyaz Jafri

Extra bonus animations - guaranteed to please!!

  1. Eli Ayres - Intersectional BioPolitics of Sizzurp

  2. Gustaf Holtenäs - Shook | Infinite

  3. mozuya - Lost Found Melody

11 Silent Screens.jpg

15th and Champa

Untitled by John R. Morrison

From my garden by Anabela Costa

El Mar by Camila Galofre & Jon Portman

Excerpt from Conversation Starters by Jeremy Couillard

14th and California

Where to go ? Where to come from? V.4.0 by Hung Keung

in the blue by Anabela Costa

Liquid Time - Jelly

14th and Arapahoe

Disintegrants by John Harlan Norris

Digital Conglomerate by Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo

Faces Masked by Justin Lincoln

Lebron 2300 Ballin by Jeron Braxton

Like Kobe by Jeron Braxton

16th and Arapahoe

Seasonal Pulse by Jullian Young

Shifting by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero

Liquid Time - Jelly

CU Denver College of Arts & Media Student Showcase

Speer Screen

WIndow Blinds by Daniel Maw

Daniel Maw by Daniel Maw

10 Program.jpg


Supernova introduces a network of Community Screen Hosts in 2019, an expansion that will bring components of the festival’s programming to indoor locations that feature large-scale screens in public facing settings. Two prominent locations have been confirmed to expand the Supernova audience, including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which employs an exquisite permanent LED screen in their voluminous foyer, and the RiNo Arts District hot-spot Denver Central Market, which features a well-placed monitor bank.


Playlist D has been crafted from across all of Supernova 2019’s programming, a digimix that will please any member of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or those looking to spend a couple of hours indoors watching digital animation.

  1. Ligo by James Pricer

  2. I Dreamt of Wormholes and Remnants of Beauty by Kendra Fleischman

  3. Crystal Bloom by Lares Feliciano

  4. Blooms One by Justin Lincoln

  5. Abstraction No. 3 (The Vampire in the Museum) by Atomic Elroy

  6. You by Lin Qiyao

  7. Unified Theory by Christina Hibner

  8. Cache Cache by Megan Jedrysiak & Jackson Ammenheuser

  9. Intersectional BioPolitics of Sizzurp by Eli Ayres

  10. Remnants by Matthew Langford & Jeremy Grant

  11. A Sequence of Events by Michael Edwards

  12. Things I Have Seen in My Dreams by Joao Pedro Oliveira

  13. The Lonely Answer by John R. Morrison

  14. Faces by Mark Klink

  15. All Possible Futures by Peter Whittenberger

  16. Karst by Snow Ynuxue Fu

  17. ORCA.KSS // stēlē 5 by ESSTRO9

  18. Run by David Bennett

  19. Patreon Promo by Caleb Wood

  20. Serial Parallels by Max Hattler

  21. Inscape by Sabrina Ratte

  22. Telephone Tag by Michael Sperandeo

  23. Satellite by Heather Crank

  24. Hannu - The Emigrant by Patrick Henry

  25. Unsettled by Tara Knight

  26. Ivygraper by Mak Hepler-Gonzalez

  27. Where I Am When I'm Not With You by Cyane Tornatzky

  28. My trip to Japan / Viaje a Japón by Dante Zaballa

Central Market_REP.jpg
  1. I Dreamt of Wormholes and Remnants of Beauty by Kendra Fleischman

  2. Where I Am When I'm Not With You by Cyane Tornatzky

  3. Ineffable No.1 by John R. Morrison

  4. Unsettled by Tara Knight

  5. Remnants by Matthew Langford & Jeremy Grant

  6. Telephone Tag by Michael Sperandeo

  7. Bleeding Heart by Kristin Stransky

  8. Crystal Bloom by Lares Feliciano

  9. Unified Theory by Christina Hibner

  10. Recoiled by Claire Grim

  11. Uranus Whispers by Frank Gresham

  12. Tiffany by Christina Christie

  13. Everything must go! by Lee Gallagher

  14. Catnap by Alivia Horsley

  15. Catgot by Wing Ho

  16. The Long & Short by Ben Windsor

  17. Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms by Luca Paulli

  18. The Trick by Andrea Nakhla

  19. Balance by Raymond Limantara

  20. Cache Cache by Megan Jedrysiak & Jackson Ammenheuser

  21. Paradise Island by Kamal Adisa

  22. Take by Allen Hu

  23. You by Lin Qiyao

  24. Windows by Diana Victoreen

  25. Intersectional BioPolitics of Sizzurp by Eli Ayres

  26. Shook - Infinite by Gustaf Holtenäs

  27. Lost found melody by Mozuya

  28. My trip to Japan / Viaje a Japón by Dante Zaballa

  29. UUUUU by Jeron Braxton

  30. Patreon Promo by Caleb Wood

  31. Momentum by Kasumi