SUPERNOVA returns for the fourth consecutive year to the Denver Theatre District in 2019, with exciting updates for festival programming and progressive community collaborations. The Festival boasts an expansive lineup of outdoor screens, with primary programs and the competition showcase presented simultaneously on a prominent wide-screen LED at the corner of 14th and Champa, a second public screen located on the 16th and Champa Pedestrian Mall at 16th and Champa, as well as a temporary LED screen installed within the Denver Performing Arts Complex grand open-air Galleria, complete with seating and an outdoor bar. Additional animations are presented on a series of 3 well-placed Satellite screens throughout the day, and an exciting split-surface screen will host SUPERNOVA’s innovative Student Animation Competition. And new for 2019, SUPERNOVA plans to “Go Viral” with the support of select screen hosts in the Denver community displaying SUPERNOVA content to further widen the public’s interaction with Digital Motion-Art.

SUPERNOVA offers substantial prize money to attract the best talent from around the world, with a proven track record that defines the vanguard of artists working in digital motion-art today. In 2019 SUPERNOVA will be more exciting than ever, dedicating over twice the previous levels of award money for artists selected to compete in the competition program, and initiating a new audience award supported by an even deeper network of venues and screen hosts across the community.

Supernova will accept submissions for 2019’s multi-tiered program from March 15th through July 15th via Film Freeway.

The following profiles are important to consider for submitting work:


DPAC + 14th & Champa + 16th & Champa LED SCREENS


SUPERNOVA will accept up to 25 works for an expanded competition program, to be shown on three premier public screens with sound, and select interior locations within Denver. Works considered for the annual competition can be within any genre and is geared towards advanced artist-driven works. Animations must be suitable for public viewing, and should be between 3 - 8 minutes in length, though works of longer duration will be considered. Priority will be given to works produced in 2018/2019 or made specifically for SUPERNOVA 2019.

Accepted entries have the choice of receiving $150 in recognition of their work being juried into the competition or $250 as a travel stipend to come join us in Denver and participate in the festival. This is the first year that SUPERNOVA implements an artist stipend for accepted works, further distinguishing the festival as one in full support of artists. In addition, selected entires will compete for three cash prizes in 2019 including a $1,000 Jurors award, a $1,000 Director’s choice award and for the first time an audience award of at least $1,000.


View the prize winning shorts from SUPERNOVA 2018 online

1st Prize - Jeron Braxton - Octane

2nd Prize - Sean Capone - The Sky Report

3rd Prize - Ryan Wurst - Don’t Make Out

Honorable Mention - John Butler - The Dependency Loop

Honorable Mention - Eli Ayres - Ackerman - In Flux


16th and Arapahoe LED SCREEN

SUPERNOVA is accepting works by students currently attending University level programs from anywhere in the world for the new Student Digital Animation Competition, taking place on an exclusive split-surface wide-format LED Screen with sound located on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall in downtown Denver. The focus within the student competition is experimentation and animations that show attention to learning craft and working within specific boundaries. Works must be at least 30 seconds in length and no longer than 90 seconds, must be suitable for public viewing, and must conform to the specifications and dynamics of the screen format (420 pixels high x 1720 pixels wide), as specified below. 

SUPERNOVA 2018 Student Comp Graphic.jpg

All accepted entries will be shown multiple times throughout the day of Supernova, with approximately twenty being singled out for a special evening screening eligible for a jurors award of $500. Supernova encourages Students to have their schools or programs support the submission fee for their work. The Festival will strive to show all works submitted that meet the screen format requirements within capabilities.


DPAC + 14th & Champa + 16th & Champa LED SCREENS

Three distinct hour-long programs will be curated for Supernova 2019. Works may be of any length or genre and will screen with sound. Final programming will be based on common themes or specific interests that emerge from the full field of works submitted. Works with adult/mature themes will also be considered for an indoor program hosted by a community partner.

All works selected for these programs will receive $50 as a participation fee.



14th & Arapahoe + 14th & California + 15th & Champa LED SCREENS     

SUPERNOVA employs three additional public LED screens of a non-standard format situated in the Denver Theatre District throughout the day for looping animations presented without sound. Artists may submit works for consideration to be shown if specifically created or modified to fit the format of a particular screen. The Satellite screens are well suited to visually entrancing experimental or ambient works that can sustain viewers attention without necessarily requiring a narrative. SUPERNOVA will select approximately 2-6 works in each format, with each selected entry receiving a $150 participation stipend.

 Satellite screen formats are as follows:

Satellite Screen No. 1 - 360 pixels high x 456 pixels wide.

Satellite Screen No. 2 - 256 pixels high x 880 pixels wide.

Satellite Screen No. 3 - 216 pixels high x 572 pixels wide.



1. Supernova will accept submissions from anywhere in the universe. All submissions should be suitable for display in a public context (except where noted above), please review Denver Digerati history for suitability purposes.

2. Supernova is only accepting works built primarily through digital means and techniques, please no “live-action” works unless they integrate appropriately with a digital interface. Supernova will showcase the best digital animation being created in the world across a variety of categories.

3. Submissions should be at least 2 minutes in length except where noted above.

4. All submissions must have been completed no earlier than 2018. Priority will be given to new works that are not yet available for viewing online until after the festival takes place. Supernova may consider “works in progress” that are not fully complete before the deadline, if so noted.

5. Supernova LED screens have variable frame ratios. Festival entries will be formatted with black masking as necessary for presentations.

6. Works must be submitted as digital files in .mov format at highest quality of resolution available. Vimeo Links also accepted for review purposes.

7. Artists may submit up to two works for consideration.

8. Artists selected for the festival programming or competition will be notified via email upon acceptance. Denver Digerati will produce screen credit for all accepted works.

10. Program schedule will be announced in early September 2019, in advance of the festival. The best place to follow SUPERNOVA is on the Denver Digerati Facebook page and on Vimeo.


An extensive history of works that have been part of SUPERNOVA and other screening initiatives focused on Digital Animation can be found on Denver Digerati’s VIMEO page.


Check back for updates on new developments for the 2019 Festival, including information on a new animation lounge tentatively located at NXT STG Gallery located adjacent to the Festival’s main competition screen in the DPAC Galleria, presented in conjunction with SUPERNOVA sponsor CU Denver College of Arts & Media.

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